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Disclaimer Rizqah Global Trading Plt.

Rizqah Global Trading Plt. pays the utmost attention to the reliability and timeliness of the data on their websites though inaccuracies and omissions may occur.

Rizqah Global Trading Plt. is not liable for damages or threat of injury as a result of errors or omissions in the information provided, nor for damages arising from problems caused by or related to the dissemination of information via the Internet, such as breakdowns, interruptions, errors or delays in the mututal provision of information or services from Rizqah Global Trading Plt. to you and vice versa, through a website or any other electronic means.

Rizqah Global Trading Plt. will not accept liability for any damage suffered as a result of the use of information, advice or ideas provided by or on behalf of Rizqah Global Trading Plt. through this website. Rizqah Global Trading Plt. will take no responsibility for the content of websites which are hyperlinked from or to it.

If information on the website is also provided in writing, in the case of differences the written text version is decisive. Rizqah Global Trading Plt. does not guarantee to receive and timely process emails or other electronic messages and accepts no liability for the consequences of failure or delay in receiving or processing.

Unauthorized or improper use of the website or its content may infringe on intellectual property rights, privacy, publication and / or communication in the broadest sense of the word. You are responsible for everything you send from the web.

You will safeguard Rizqah Global Trading Plt., its employees, agents, licensors, partners and the author(s) of this disclaimer against any judicial and non-judicial measures, condemnations, etc, including the costs for legal assistance, accountants, etc. as a result of third parties or related to your use of the website, your violation of any law or the rights of third parties.

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