In the world of the internet it is important to produce attractive content and a responsive website in order to provide the biggest benefit to your audience. But more often than not, internet developers and content marketers do not spend enough time evaluating their web hosting service in order to ensure that their content remains available 24/7.

Your hosting company should be able to offer a high level of internet security in order to safeguard from cyber attacks and website hacking a security breaches can result in a high level of lost revenue as users choose to buy products and services from competitor websites.

At GM Hosting Hub we offer tight protections against cyber criminal and terrorism. With free Let’s Encrypt for each of our customers, CageFS and 24/7 security team working around the clock to ensure your site always available.

The main web hosting buying criteria is usually price with web developers and content marketers focusing on companies that provide cheap virtual web hosting and cheap domain hosting. But in addition to this, some attention should be paid to reliability. It is critical that the web host company is able to provide a reliable web hosting experience.

So what should be considered when you are searching for a reliable web hosting service?


Select the right hosting package

Businesses often select low cost hosting solutions which use cheap virtual hosting solutions. However, the small price tag could result on slow response times which will cause your users to click away from your products and service. Whilst a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a dedicated linux server might be a little more expensive, they usually provide high quality web performance, faster response times, and a better overall customer experience.

Ensure you have the right bandwidth solution

Many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. It is important that you select the right bandwidth solution. A traffic analysis will give you an idea of how much bandwidth your website will need.

Use an established provider

It is important that you use an established web hosting provider. Your business has the potentially to grow very quickly and it is imperative that you have scalable resources in place to take advantage of this rapid growth.

Know what kind of traffic you will attract

If your website is just an online CV or just a few static pages, it will not be as resource intensive as a website which is streaming or hosting large amounts of data. If your website is not resource intensive you may consider an inexpensive web hosting solution using a shared server. If your website is very resource intensive you may wish to consider a dedicated server which uses linux hosting.

Test the customer service

It is important that the customer service offered by your hosting provider is knowledgeable and offers a quick and efficient solution to any problem you may encounter. Ensure that you test the customer support to confirm that it meets your technical requirements.

Whether you have never used SSL before, or are an existing customer with us, please give us a call to learn more about how you can use SSL to not just encrypt and secure your website’s communications, but also improve your brand’s reputation and increase customer loyalty.

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